Friday, August 5, 2011

Beetles That Can Cure Cancer

This post talks about the Palembus Ulomoides Dermestoides, a beetle that is said to cure cancer and other diseases. I personally am not a doctor, but I have heard from people who have gotten well by eating these beetles.
I personally raise them, and have not ate them. These beetles are eaten alive, starting with one and incrementing the number of beetles per day by one. This means that the first day you may start with one beetle. The second day you will have to eat two, on the third day you have to eat three, and so on, until a number of seventy (70) is reached. After the day when you have eaten seventy, you must start decreasing the number of beetles by one, meaning that the day after you have eaten seventy beetles, you will eat 69 (sixty nine) beetles, and decrease the number day by day until you reach one, then zero. After this the treatment will be concluded and you should feel better even before you have reached half of the treatment.

The treatment takes 139 days and in that period of time you will consume 4900 (four thousand nine hundred) beetles. If you have cancer or asthma it is well worth it to try it. A large initial number of beetles will be required. These reproduce fairly quickly but I have not measured the time that these take to reproduce. Further research is required.

Update: (July 5 2012)
We keep these beetles in a plastic container (from Walmart) without a plastic lid on top. Instead of a plastic lid, we have a metal mesh on top secured so it wont move. This container is in the living room at all times and away from direct sunlight.  For food, we give them dried wheat bread and lots of raw oatmeal (the processed one, the cheapest one) from Walmart. I would avoid the one re-enforced with iron. The reason for this is because I tried to raise in a separate container five of these beetles and five larva (worms) under the exact same conditions, but with iron re-enforced oatmeal. These beetles seem to never reproduce until they all died. Even the larva died as larva. This was in about two weeks after I put them in the container.
For water, we use banana peels and sometimes apple skin. Never use actual banana "meat". Use the peels only. I have not tried to feed them banana "meat" only, so I dont know if they would eat them. 
The wheat bread is dried by keeping it uncovered and making sure it does not develop any fungus.

Figure 1: Beetles to be consumed per day passed

The following links talk more about these beetles:


  1. Hi, I am a stage 4 terminal cancer patient. Even my docs have lost hope in me. But I am staying positive. Heard about this treatment from a friend and also confirmed that its true. I wanted to give this a shot. It's easy to grow them but we need to have the exact specie to grow the culture. Could you please provide me with some? I can pay the postage or please advice me on how to grow them from scratch??!

  2. I would like to send you some. I need to know if you live in the U.S. and also what kind of packaging can I use. I would imagine that these have to be asleep by cooling them down to send them out but I don't know. The shipping is my primary concern.

    1. Please email me heartscristy@gmail. I also need some of these since your in California maube we can meet up or can you tell me where I can get them.

  3. Hi,Thanks a ton for the reply.My mom lives in India but i live in VA,USA.If you can ship it to me ,i may be able to take them to India with me when i go.I am thinking ups packaging.If you could send me your address,i can schedule a pickup via ups account.

  4. is my email.Please give me your address so that,if you could ship it,i can arrange for a pick up.

  5. Hello I live in California, is there a way you can email me I just heard of this and seen your blog. Thank you

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  7. Hello, my mom has been eating this beetle for the last year or so. Her chemo has given out and these are absolutely the only thing that works for her right now. We have been getting people to bring them in and mail them in from China but US Customs has been quite a pain. We have also been breeding them, but their growth rate is rather slow. I am looking for a reliable source of U. dermestoides preferably here in the US (we live in TX btw). Thank you very much! You can email me at

  8. Hello. I see that these beetles are really popular and imagine you've been getting many more requests for these beetles from this blogpost. My name is Jenn, and my dad is finally giving in to the hype and wants to give these beetles a shot. If it's possible to send a few my way, that would be amazing and extremely generous of you. I am living in California and if we are somewhat close in proximity, I could even travel to you to pick them up. My dad has been battling cancer for over four years and he's finally willing to try some alternative medicine. Please shoot me an email at . Again, a million thanks to you and your beetle collection.

  9. Hello,
    My mom is very sick and she just found out about these little guys a few days ago and hasn't stopped talking about them. Could you please shoot me an email?

  10. Greetings from California. I would like to procure a starter culture of your beetles. Please.e-mail me at

  11. Please email the details of getting started with the beetles.

  12. Hi
    how can I get aome beetles? My father in law has prostate cancer and he is willing to give it a try.
    we live in Georgia USA.
    you can contact me